aaaaaaaBrand new start and one focus: light

I’m not 30 yet but I’ve already felt several times these sensations when you’re starting a new venture: happiness, excitement, enthusiasm. Yes, in these times of uncertainty, we do need to trust in our projects and positive attitude to problems in which we live. For the first time, I feel I’m doing things as they should be done: well, aka concrete. Maybe a little bit slow, but concrete. You cannot only dream, you have to demonstrate you’re a maker. And here we are.


The first challenge for those who decide to become entrepreneurs is a necessary switch towards considering time as your first partner in business, and not a kind of bad judge always staring at your clock. When I decided to re-open Sunrise, transforming it in Sunrise Tag, I realized I needed to deeply think about my ecosystem, my identity, my desires and my new goals: and you need time to do it well, mate.

I’ll need time to let my organization grow, building trust and creating for the long haul: but please remember that something happened in approaching my life (also my business) and now it’s not the same as before. I’ve found a great light to put in every task, in every meeting, in every project I’m involved in. This light is the one which borns at sunrise but expresses at its best when it shines at noon. It’s time to think about growing, especially for who believes in rising sun.

I really hope you’ll enjoy sharing thoughts and impressions about the marketing field I live in: Sunrise Tag is a communication agency, of course, but I’d really love talking here about values and not portfolio, vision and not press releases. Welcome to the brand new house of rising sun.

best, Emanuele

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