aaaaaaaSunny Network: we love growing together

I always remember a true sentence made by one of my partners in Snowbreak’s adventure: “Suppliers are the unique fortune of a company“. I think everyone’s working in an agency can obviously affirm that suppliers are strategically important for our business, but I’m pretty sure that there’s no agency owner who’d like to share without any doubt his precious phone book with key-suppliers’ contacts inside.

Probably it’s a matter of Italian style, however I’d like to share a new way to show my agency’s work: starting from people who helps me everyday in every step of our projects. I manage a small company and every time I talk with a prospect, he wants to know how I can assure him the expected results pointing out the most suitable-and-available talents of my strategic network partner.

That’s why now I’m going to introduce a new section on Sunrise Tag’s About page called the ‘Sunny Network‘. It’s a simple but powerful showcase of freelances who have already worked with me for Sunrise Tag’s clients, in order to show quickly the business profile of every member and realize how we assemble easily a flexible structure of people working on a specific project, starting only from real needs of our customers.

Every partner of our agency has got his own histogram that summarizes his competences: I called it the ‘Colourqualizer‘ and in these few slides I try to explain to you its meaning and how it’s possible to affiliate our shiny affiliate team. If you’re ready to think about growing, with me, I’m waiting for you. We love growing together.